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El Techichi Jewelry

"La Estetlita"

"La Estetlita"

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Pearls have always been one of my favorite precious stones. Through the variation in color size and shape I am always able to find a pearl to fit my mood. 

They also hold a place in my heart because during my last visit to California I reconnected with my mother over our of love of Pearls. She's one of my biggest inspirations, and I love her more than anything. So while on that trip to Cali, we bonded over our love of for these little pieces of nacar. My mother was never big on jewelry, but for some reason she also couldn't get enough of these beauties. Especially the baroque pearls. Each one being different than the next. 

So in honor of mi mamá the "Estelita" earrings are two natural baroque Freshwater pearls, lovingly wrapped in rich brass and dangle from the iconic El Techichi diamond shaped ear wire in Sterling silver. 

Simple, chic, elegant and playful, tal como mi mamá!

**These are natural Baroque pearls so there will be slight differences in each pearl**

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