Jewelry Care

We love brass because of its affordability and it's beautiful gold color. Before we ship out the order we seal the brass jewelry to slow down the process of oxidation. Keep your brass in a cool dry place. 

For knotted necklaces please know that the silk will naturally stretch over time, please avoid getting it wet as it can weaken the silk. 

Gemstones are durable but they are not invincible, avoid knocking them on hard surfaces and exposure to harsh chemicals

To keep your jewelry nice and bright for a longer period of time please let your lotions and perfumes dry before putting on your El Techichi jewels. 

Depending on skin type and hormones, some wearers may experience discoloration where the jewelry comes into contact with the skin when wearing these metals. This is not a reflection of low jewelry quality, but a natural chemical reaction happening between the oils in your skin and the copper in your jewelry. The pH balance of your body largely determines whether you will experience this with brass or any jewelry containing copper. The higher your pH, the more frequently you may need to clean your jewelry. If skin discoloration occurs, this is perfectly harmless and can be easily removed with soap and water.

We ship all our jewelry in hand stamped muslin bags to store your jewels. 

We also include a small polish pad that can be used to polish your piece when needed.