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Mi pansita hoops

Mi pansita hoops

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Feast your eyes on your next favorite hoop!

Mi pansita means 'my belly' in Spanish.

I have been on a journey of self-love ever since I started making jewelry. On this journey, I've had to grapple and learn to love my body as my weight changes. It's hard, but I'm learning.

Growing up, my body was always a source of mockery and embarrassment for those around me, so naturally, I wanted to change it all the time. I even lost a lot of weight in college, but I never got to love my body before, so I couldn't love my body then, but I'm learning to now.

So when I was making hoops one day, I decided to play around with hoop shapes, and that's when I created this hoop. It reminds me of a belly, a happy one, one that I know isn't here to cause me harm.

These are crafted from rich US Brass and are the size of a quarter. These hoops are a must-have for lovers of bold with a minimal spin.

These come in your choice of plain or with a gemstone.

Gemstone choices are:

Green Aventurine Nugget

Amethyst Nugget

Freshwater Pearl

Red Tiger's Eye coin

**If you dont see a stone you like or you want to see these stones please email us!**

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