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“Las Pitayas”

“Las Pitayas”

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This renovated design idea pays homage to that same story I told about my brother and I loving Pitayas growing up.

A Pitaya or dragon fruit is a vibrant delicious sweet fruit that grows on top of cacti in the deserts of Mexico. Growing my brother and I used to love to eat these as often as we could get them. They come I a variety of colors from pink to blue to yellow. 

The updated design is more like that cactus branch you see in the big Cardons. Cacti and Pitayas are such a big part of my diet now more than ever because it always brings me back to the summers of bright sunshine and stained shirts from this delicious fruits. 

each earring is 4 inches long and hold a total of 2.0 freshwater pearls! 

made of rich US Brass 

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